by shabbydaze

It was early one Saturday morning and I was doing what I do. Trolling CL and trying not to spill my coffee… when…. uh, there it is FREE FURNITURE. “Pat, get dressed – NO, don’t shower LET’S GO! We jump in the SUV (no truck, long story) and head out. After about 20 minutes of breaking traffic laws we arrive at the gate to the warehouse 3rd in line… and it’s looking good. “Spread out and claim everything” I say. We’re in! And oh, what treasures! A  junkers dream. We had to make 3 trips to haul everything home but we scored big time!

This beauty had some water damage to the top and never having worked with veneer I just covered her up and pushed her to the back of the garage.

I had a call from a nice young lady in NYC wanting a credenza in just this size! Hmm, of course I took on the challenge. My lovely client Nisha wants it in 2 weeks! Urg, so I get out my trusty scraper and heat gun. I can do this right?

My back hurts, my hands hurt, burning wood stinks! I know I need more tools!

I get out the hammer so I can smack myself in the head with it but not before I slip with the scraper and burn my hand with my trusty heat gun. “PAT”, I scream…”it’s your turn”.

As you can imagine this continued for quite a long time. I’m getting tired just writing about it.

Very impatient at this point I watered down the wood filler to a yogurt like consistency and spread it on with a drywall mud spreader thingy. Spread, dry, sand, spread, dry, sand, spread, dry, sand. This went on for days… now not only do my neighbors think I’m crazy I agree with them – agreeing with the neighbors? I really am crazy.

Thank you CeCe Caldwell for making the rest a piece of cake. This is Vintage White, very very lightly distressed and waxed.

And here is Pat saying, (yelling) “YOU WANT ME TO DELIVER IT?” Yes, dear and dinner is on me 🙂